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This web site does not collect information about you or your usage of this web site. We do not use an analytical or tracking program to gather viewing statistics in any way, nor do we use any 3rd party software for purposes of tracking or advertising. Usage of this web site is completely anonymous.

Any changes to our privacy policy for this web site will be published here.


EU Directive

A new EU directive asks that web site operators are transparent in their use of cookies and the information saved and accessed on their users. Cookies are small text files saved on your computer by your web browser by direct request of the web site developers. Cookies are used to aid in standard operation of web sites, save preferences and track your usage of the web site you are on. Cookies can only be read by the web site that wrote them so there is no security threat. The Friends of Herschel Park do use cookies, for standard operation and to save your viewing preferences. To comply with Web Standards Accessibility guidelines we allow our visitors to change the text size to ensure a comfortable reading experience, the text size you choose is saved within a cookie so you do not have to keep changing the text size on each page you access. We do not collect this information in any way, your viewing of our web site is completely anonymous and totally private to you.