Friends of Herschel Park

The Friends of Herschel Park were formed when the water within the park’s lakes mysteriously disappeared to support an application from Slough Borough Council for the restoration of the park. 

The friends have been instrumental in providing feedback and advice during the restoration of the park.  They have meetings where progress on what is happening in the park is discussed as well as a forum for local residents to add suggestions of how they would like to see the park run. 

Money from the membership subscriptions helps to donate essential items needed for the park which has included new trees to replace old dying ones to bat detectors.

The Friends of Herschel Park with Park keeper Tony Downs in the park

Friends of Herschel Park

The Friends of Herschel Park was founded as a response to the Herschel Park lakes disappearing in 2000. In February 2001 a meeting was called by the Parks Department of Slough Borough Council of interested people who would support an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of Herschel Park. 

A questionnaire was filled in by approximately 50 people asking to prioritise what they would like to done with the park.  The top priority by far was the restoration of the lakes and to see them once more full of water.  From this meeting a loyal group of supporters formed the nucleus of the Friends of Herschel Park growing from approximately 20 people to 90 people.  The membership of the Friends grows in number every year.

The Friends of Herschel Park have played a crucial role in the restoration of the park commenting on every aspect of the park ranging from the overall master plan through to the planting plans for the park, also from choosing the Victorian Urns for the park to approving plans for the new Park Manager’s Kiosk. 

The friends meet throughout the year to discuss how the plans for the park are progressing and can raise any ideas or issues regarding the park.  The friends also support the many activities run by Slough Borough Council.  A newsletter is produced three time a year or if new information becomes available.  Many of the friends also help in the park as a volunteer helping to maintain the park.  

Since the end of the restoration the friends have donated money for a Luckham Oak which was planted during the reopening of the park in May 2012.  This is commemorated by a brass plaque.  They have also recently purchased a pair of bat detectors to be used in organised bat walks in the park. 

If you would like to join the Friends of Herschel Park , please download our application form via the link below.